mini legacy albums

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mini, but mighty!

Having digital images is wonderful, but having a printed keepsake that tells a visual story of your memories is PRICELESS! If you haven’t already invested in a Mini Legacy Album of your own, you can always come back to me at any time and order one. I am so not a photography business that pushes product sales at all. However, these albums are important not just for my couples to have, but for their children and grandchildren to someday enjoy as well.

At just 7 inches tall, they may be smaller than Legacy Wedding Albums, but they certainly don't disappoint! This soft matte hardcover album fits PERFECTLY in your hands while you sip your morning coffee and reminisce! You'll definitely LOVE to be able to show off your very own Mini Legacy Album at the office, at parties or at home. These also make an amazing and easy gift for your family's birthdays, anniversaries, or just for fun. Mini Legacy Albums are ideal for grandparent and parent gifts too!

"The pictures are amazing! The quality of the book is incredible too. We can't wait to show it off to our friends!"

-Kayla and Jamie



7 x 7 inches
20 pages (20 images)
Custom matte hardcover
Professional design service
Complimentary PDF proofing
For every additional page add $2

Reg $159 + hst


What's the process?

I have made it a top priority of mine to make every step of your photography process as simple as possible.

1- Decide that you need one of these albums, because they are obviously amazing! Next, fill out the form below. :)

2- Once I hear from you, I will send you an invoice and once I've received your payment, the fun begins!

3- I put together the highlights from your photo collection that best tell your story. Design service by yours truly is already included.

4- Since I want you to be in love with your album, you review the design and photo selection (PDF proofing) and request any changes.

5- Once you approve the final design, I place the order with my album supplier.

6- Approximately 3-4 weeks after we've place your album order, you receive your album!!!! Yay! Now you get to cherish and show it off for the decades to come!

Do I get to choose my own photos?

Absolutely! I include the design process for all albums, however I want to make sure you love the album and the selection of photos. You can totally request to swap out photos if you want!

What's the difference between Mini Albums and the regular wedding albums?

Legacy Wedding Albums are thicker and much heavier than the Mini Legacy Albums that you see on this page. The main difference is the paper type used and the overall thickness of the pages and weight of the album.

It's been months/years/a decade since our photos were taken...

Does this sound like you?:

"Man, I should really get started on that album, but the thought of actually sitting down and doing it is too overwhelming! There are just too many photos to choose from! How do I choose?!"

First of all, it's OK!!! So maybe it's been a while since your session or wedding, and you're wondering if I can still make your album after all this time. It's not too late! I always love hearing from past clients, so give me a shout and I'll see what I can do for you!

Order your mini legacy album

Once I've received your request for a Mini Legacy Album, I'll be in touch with you via email.