I met Ali and Dom last fall over coffee at one of my favourite places in the city, Happy Goat Coffee Co on Laurel Street. Before Stefan and I made the big move out to the country, I visited the shop often, so it was definitely nice to be back. We chatted about their big plans for their small wedding, and we shared a few laughs in the process.

Fast forward a few months, and the 3 of us ventured around downtown Ottawa for their engagement session. We walked around Major's Hill Park, the Rideau Canal and a few stops in between like the Chateau Laurier. Oh, and we froze like popsicles!

The weather that day started off pretty tame and sunny, and I think we were all surprised when we met up for the session only to be surrounded by snowfall, and there was definitely a huge drop in temperature that came out of nowhere... but we made it work! Ali and Dom didn't complain about being cold a single time, even though I am positive they were frozen because I definitely was myself. Brrr!!! But the snow always makes for such dreamy photos, have a look for yourself!

One of my favourite aspects of doing what I do is getting to know my couples and finding out how they're making their wedding day theirs. I always say to my couples to make their wedding day truly THEIRS and to not pay too much attention to what others may tell them that they SHOULD be doing. Because in doing THEM, they'll always be happy. And I truly believe this applies to just life in general... Can I get an AMEN!?

In Ali's case, she didn't want an engagement ring. So instead, she's sporting what Ali and Dom are calling the String Ring, which I LOVE. The symbolism is still there, and well, let's be real, engagement rings are freakin' expensive man!!! They are however keeping some things traditional and will have wedding bands when their big day comes.

Confession: I definitely blasted the heat in my car once we wrapped up our session, and I took a steaming hot bath when I got home. I was chilled to the B-O-N-E but it was totally my fault for not wearing the right jacket... And Ali? She tells me now that she couldn't feel her face and hands in most of the photos, but you could never tell, right?!

But, in all honesty, I would do it all over again if it meant getting photos as lovely as these! Ali and Dom did amazing.

Can't wait to see these two cuties again on their wedding day, coming up in May. I'm told there will be appetizers, soooo who wouldn't be excited? ;)


- xo Val