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we may be a great match if you also like:

  • Thinking life is short, and you just wanna have fun! Not taking yourself or life too seriously
  • A little pop of colour here and there
  • Antiquing in old towns
  • Meaningful, heartfelt moments
  • PUPPIES!!!
  • Looking at old family photos, again and again
  • Laughing til your sides hurt
  • Houseplants!! (Let's trade cuttings, yeah?)
  • Snuggling on the couch under the biggest blanket you can find
  • Old things repurposed
  • Eating lots of delicious food, even if it means having to unbutton your pants a little bit to make more room
  • Driving around with the windows rolled down, and your favourite tune turned up loud
  • The crisp, clean air inside a greenhouse
  • Creating memories with the ones you love the most

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