Oh my gosh you guys! When Breanna contacted me a few months back about doing a cake smash with her adorable daughter Cleo she was like "So I wanna do a cake smash... but with donuts instead! Can we do that, a donut smash??" and as soon as she said DONUTS I was SUUUPER INTO IT!!! And the Homer Simpson in me got really REALLY excited! I love a good twist on a classic tradition! Mmmmm... DONUTS!!


I met Breanna and Peter years ago when they first got engaged. We met in a coffee shop to discuss their wedding day plans, photography, and now 3 years later, they have a 1-year-old name Cleo and she is just CUTE AS A BUTTON!!!

We started off the session with a few classic family photos...

...and then things quickly got messy (but in the best way possible!)

The little cheeky grin! She was just loving every single second of this!!!

Confession: While editing these photos I COULD NOT stop thinking about donuts!!!! (Hmm, I wonder why!). So tonight I asked Stefan if we could make a quick pit stop after our date night at Bite to grab a donut or two..... Or maybe it was actually 12, but who's counting!?


Decorations: Party City

Donuts: Tim Hortons

Donut banner: Provided by Breanna