When Melyse contacted me a few months ago to set up a session with her family I didn't really know what to expect, to be completely honest! We went to the same elementary and middle schools together but we parted ways by going to different high schools.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and we got in touch again thanks to the ol' Instagram! (Ahhh, the internet is a wonderful place!)

Melyse recently launched an already SUPER successful blog and Instagram momming account called 'Yes, Mama' ( @yesmama.blog ) that you definitely need to check out by the way!! She's a super COOL young mama, and she's full of insight and hilarious stories from her everyday life as a mama of 2 sweet girlies under the age of 3!

Anyway, within about 5 minutes of me showing up for the session, I KNEW I was in for a good time. When I walked up to their place, not only did they promise me PIZZA at the end, but QUEEN WAS PLAYING ON THE STEREO IN THEIR HOME AND I JUST ABOUT DIED!!

The true way to my heart? PIZZA AND FREDDIE MERCURY!!

And things just got better from there!!!

You know those families that you can just TELL are really close, and everyone is just so genuinely happy to be there?! YA. So that's the Rouleau family!!!!! Many many laughs were had, some drinks and well, GOOD FOOD. Enough said! My heart was happy and now I'm pretty sure I'm ready to be adopted by this family.....

I hope nobody in my family reads my blog! ;)

So ya. I don't even think I need to use all the happy adjectives in the dictionary to describe this family. Looking at these photos, can't you just SEE it and FEEL it?!!?

Side note: Melyse's parents are celebrating - 30 (yes 30!) YEARS OF MARRIAGE THIS YEAR!!! *Insert applause emoji* and the fact that they helped celebrate with a family photo session just totally warms my heart. I seriously have the best job!!!

OH. And I promised pizza, so here it is! Homemade from SCRATCH using THIS 'Pizza Dough #3" recipe. Be right back while I go to the store and stock up on some pizza ingredients and then immediately proceed to stuffing my face hole.

Oh, and for the record, anyone else wanting to include delicious homemade FOOD in their session? The answer is a screaming: YES, PLEASE! :P

- xo Val