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What is branding photography?

What even is branding photography anyways, and how do I know if it's for me?

Gone are the days when your business would thrive online with just one (or worse, no) photos of you, or what you have to offer. Today more than ever, it's crucial that your potential clients see the human behind the brand and business because they are way more likely to connect with you, trust you and well, hire you and give you their money.

Basically, branding photography is professional photography

that represents YOU and YOUR BRAND.

The bonus is that your customers will be able to connect with you on a more personal and human level,

and who doesn't want that?!


Ashley Beaudin

“I’ve worked with Valerie doing quarterly shoots for the last year. Valerie is a talented photographer who is able to work so seamlessly with your brand to create bright images that capture your spirit and vision. She is a true creative collaborator and so prompt in image delivery too! Since working with her for branding photography, I’ve been able to create a cohesive image and allow my social media and website to reflect my genuine presence. That alone has offered me more client leads and collaborations.”

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branding sessions

We will get a variety of headshots, some behind-the-scenes photos, details, and whatever else you need! This is a great option for a business looking to build a library of content for their website, promo and social media.

$450/hr + HST

mini branding sessions

In this mini-session photoshoot, we will capture a few quick headshots and some details while you are wearing one outfit. Perfect for a brand new business just starting out, some updated headshots, or for an upcoming exciting announcement or launch.

1 outfit

1 location

20-minute session

Approx 15-20 edited photos

$350 + HST