Come check out this super fun 70s themed birthday party and cocktail workshop, hosted by Camille Hopper-Naud of Coupe and Mixer, Ottawa. Inspired by a cute retro daisy table cloth, we hosted a backyard cocktail workshop.

If you are looking for a fun group activity, or if you're looking for your next party idea, look no further than a Coupe and Mixer cocktail workshop!

Coupe & Mixer is the passion project of Ottawa bartender and mixologist, Camille Hopper-Naud. Camille’s cocktailing career began at a small, yet greatly influential bar called “The Moonroom”.  There, she learned the importance of quality, precision, and presentation.  She also learned how to make a killer Old Fashioned! 

Two years later, she moved to Montreal to continue her education in Quebec’s most vibrant bar scene.  In her 5 years there, she developed numerous cocktail menus, participated and prevailed in many cocktail competitions, and worked alongside some of Canada’s best bartenders.  Camille currently works as the head bartender and cocktail menu designer at Supply & Demand in Ottawa. 

Her ever-changing menu is a reflection of her persistent desire to riff on the classics with new and exciting flavour combinations.  Her favourite part of working behind the bar, however, has always been sharing her knowledge with keen guests looking to learn how to make cocktails of their own.  Hence, Coupe & Mixer was born, and Ottawa’s home cocktail parties have only improved since! 

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