If you've ever met Ashley, you know that she's a magical rainbow in human form. Ashley is a self-sabotage and slow business coach, and we both happen to be ENFPs! When we get together, we giggle and have a great time.⁠


Yesterday we got together and we did a branding shoot outdoors. It was cold, my fingers nearly froze off, but looking back at these sneak peeks is so worth it!!!!⁠

Oh, and we hit up Suzy Q Donuts at the end and we definitely treated ourselves. For the record, my favourite flavour is raspberry cassis..... If you've never tried it, RUN and get yourself one before they run out! I'm drooling a bit just thinking about it.⁠


Ps - If you've ever thought winter was not a good time for photos, you are wrong! Look at how crisp and clean these colours are, and with that snowy backdrop, everything just POPS!⁠ Plus, it's an excuse to get hot chocolate and donuts. It's a no brainer!⁠