Robert and Amanda met during their time working at Walmart. He worked for the store while Amanda was a photographer in the Portrait Studio. Robert would walk to work every day and he would always be late for his shift because he would stop and chat with her for far too long. The two had friends in common, so he invited her downtown for Canada Day celebrations. They met up, and their friend conveniently didn't show up and the two spent the whole day together just talking and getting to know one another. That was July 1 2011 - and the pair have barely been apart since.

K so can I just point out how awesome this movie poster is?!! Robert photoshopped in one of the photos from their engagement session with me last spring. Pretty sure I squealed when I saw this, it's so cute!!!

First Look coming at you in 3.....2........1!

Yes, they even screened the movie The Princess Bride (of course) right after the ceremony!! How freakin' cool is that?!

And once the nerves from the ceremony start to fade, and you're surrounded by your best friends..... Things start to get a little silly!! :P Especially when the photographer asks the wedding party to do their best imitation of the bride and groom.

When bike racks become a playground!

Snowball fight in May? Yep!

And then things just got more out of hand, and there was shoe breakage hahahaha!

And of course when there's an arcade, who can resist a quick game of ski-ball!?

Congrats to Amanda and Robert for pulling off a very memorable and super fun wedding day! I wish you both nothing but the best and can't wait to see what the married life has in store for you both.

- xo Val