Robyn and Adam's wedding day happened to be my last wedding of the 2019 fall season, and I honestly think I could not have finished the season on a higher note! The two got married at Mill St Brew Pub surrounded by their closest family and friends. The personal touches scattered throughout the day really made for a unique and memorable day. From the custom made gifts, to the prank First Look with Adam and one of the groomsmen, to incorporating their loveable dog Bentley into their super sweet ceremony, an adult flower girl (Adam's sister) the two had a truly personalized day that every guest definitely appreciated, myself included! It's easy to know after spending a day with them and their loved ones that the two are some of the most genuine and fun people you will ever meet! Oh, and I should probably mention that Adam started off his day with doing THE ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE!!!!

I started off my day with Robbie and her girls as they got ready at the nearby Ottawa Marriott Hotel, while my second photographer Emily was with Adam and the guys. Wait til you see Adam's reaction to the ice-cold water falling onto his head! I'm telling you, these two were just the right amount of crazy-fun for my liking! ;) Keep reading and you'll see what I mean!

After pinning on the boutonnieres and buttoning up the dress, it was time for one of my MOST FAVOURITE wedding traditions: a daddy-daughter First Look!

*Insert the sobbing face emoji*.

The mirror on the wall was giving me some SERIOUS heart eyes from the minute I walked into the room. I knew I had to use it as much as we could for photos.

We hid Robyn in the bathroom, while we walked dad over to a cozy spot on the couch. We told him to keep his eyes closed until his daughter was in front of him, and well, you'll see the rest!!!

Remember how I said the two were the right kind of crazy-fun?! (I mean that with love BY THE WAY!)

Robyn emailed me a and the videographer a couple of days before the wedding to let us in on the fact that she had a surprise planned, without Adam's knowledge. She was going to dress up one of the groomsmen in a wedding dress and use him to play a prank on Adam during their First Look!!!! I had seen photos from other prankster-weddings doing this funny new tradition but I had never been able to witness this gag in person before. I was stoked!

More on what a First Look is all about will be coming later on the blog!

Adam took it like a champ!!! Just moments later, while Adam's heart was certainly still racing, Robyn snuck on over and...

Time to go get married!!!

Remember how I said these two had a really personalized and fun wedding day?! One of my very favourite parts of the day is coming up, and I'll give you a clue: IT INVOLVES DOGS!!!

Adam's sister and flower girl read a poem about dogs! Get the kleenex...


"Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joy ride together - enjoy the experience of the fresh air and wind on your face.

When loved ones come home, always run to greet them.

When you want treats, practice obedience.

Take naps together. Run, romp and play daily. Be loyal.

When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by and nuzzle them gently.

Avoid biting, when a simple growl will do.

When you're happy, dance around and wag your entire body.

No matter how often you're scolded, don't buy into the guilt thing and pout,

run right back and make friends.

Delight in the simple joy of a long walk together,

and love each other unconditionally."



The happy tears didn't stop there. Adam and Robyn surprised their moms with roses, as thank yous for all the sacrifices and sleepless nights of parenthood they surely endured.

We made our way over to the old mill, which was a few steps away from the restaurant.

As we were walking over, with Robyn and Adam ahead of us in the staircase, Emily (my second photographer) shouted (like we photographers often do when we suddenly see the perfect shot:

"WAIT!" And then this happened.


Side note: I love when a couple is down to climb some rocks to get kickass wedding photos!

Time to go party!!!

Ok, BY FAR the CRAZIEST THING at their wedding was the dessert bar!!! I mean just LOOK at this MONSTER!!!!! I think this was the exact conversation between Adam and me once I had laid eyes on this amazing arrangement of sweets:

Me: Holy sh*t Adam!!!!!!!!! This is insane!!!!!

Adam: Yep, we don't f*ck around!!!!!!!

There was a cake. There were cupcakes of all kinds. There even was a candy bar AND OMG THERE WAS A DONUT WALL!!!!!!! Insta-drool.


To the unmarried ladies - my words of advice after watching many bouquet tosses over the years???


Told ya! ;)

A few more traditions and that wrapped up the night and the fall wedding season for me!!

As for Robbie and Adam? For their honeymoon, the two travelled to Italy for a romantic road trip! I (along with their friends and families, I'm sure) lived vicariously through their wine and food infused Instagram stories for the duration of their trip.

Congrats Robyn and Adam! I can't wait to see what life has in store for you both, and Bentley of course!

- xo Val


Wedding dream team:⁠

Main photographer: Valerie Miles Photography

Second shooter: Emily Dozois

Videographer: Red Dog Digital

Hairstylist: Michele Julien⁠

Makeup artist: Olivia Foulkes Makeup Artist

Florist: Stoneblossom Floral

Getting ready location: Ottawa Marriott Hotel

Ceremony + reception venue: Mill St Brew Pub

Officiant: ⁠Jim Emerson of Enduring Promises Inc.⁠

Wedding planner/coordinator: Christine from Mill St Brew Pub

DJ: Matt Topic⁠

Cupcakes: Batter Up Bakery

Cake: Alyssa Ashton⁠

Donuts: Mavericks Donuts

Catering: Mill St Brew Pub

Bride’s dress: Adamyk Bridal

Bridesmaids dresses: Lulus

Groomsmen + groom attire: Indochino

Invitations: Designed by the groom, printed at Allegra Marketing Print Mail⁠

Wine Stopper Favours: MyfairGuestBook from Etsy