Dominique and Alex are MARRIED!! And it feels so nice to say it because boy did these two have their fair share of challenges when it came to wedding planning in a pandemic!

The two are moving to the east coast this summer, and with all the pandemic restrictions slowly lifting (finally!) in Ontario, they had to plan and prepare for so many different scenarios. Their plans had to adapt and change a couple of times due to the ever-changing rules.

But in the end, you'd never even guess that this beautiful wedding day wasn't their plan all along.

If you were at Britannia Yacht Club to get married, and you didn't take photos on the dock.... Did you even get married at Britannia Yacht Club?! :P

We made a quick stop to snap a few photos in the tennis court, because why not!? Dominique and Alex are both big fans of tennis, so we made sure to sneak some fun photos in the nearby court, in full wedding ensembles. Looking pretty badass if you ask me!

We finished off the day with the sweetest, most intimate first dance I've seen to date: just Dominique, Alex, Kim the wedding coordinator of the venue, and me. It was such a sweet moment!

Congrats guys! I'm so glad that even with all the challenges that came with planning a wedding during a pandemic, we were truly able to make the best of it.

  • xo Val