Meghan has been a friend of my sister for a few years now. We bonded while we were both bridesmaids at my sister Steph's wedding this past summer, cracking jokes at every possible opportunity we had. When I got a text message from Meghan while I was Christmas shopping, she asked me "Hey, are you booking any sessions over the holidays?" to which I responded "Yes... why??" A text message like that definitely got me curious!!

She then went on to explain that her and Patrick decided to get married, and that they were going to tie the knot at home over the holidays! With about 5 weeks notice given to all of their guests, only a very small group of family and friends knew about their plans to elope.

Oh, and if you like handsome cats, keep scrolling!

Wedding Dream team:

Main photographer: Valerie Miles Photography

Videographer: Abigail Doris, Family Friend

Hair & makeup: Meghan

Ceremony + reception venue: Meghan's mom's home

Wedding bands: Enso Rings

Officiant: ⁠Keith - Exceptional Ceremonies

Catering: Greek on Wheels

Bride’s dress: BerryLove