Patrick and Steph have been dear friends of mine for a long while. They are both elementary school teachers and have 3 hilarious and adorable little boys: Kingsley, Magnus, and their newest human, Jude.

When Patrick messaged me saying he was in need of some branding shots for his art business, we went back and forth for weeks exchanging ideas and concepts on how we were going to have it all come together, and I'm not going to lie to you, when he mentioned we'd be having pizza for dinner at their place once photos were wrapped up, I had to resist just driving over immediately! It was the true cherry on top of an already amazing shoot ahead.

If Patrick isn't busy teaching or tending to their little homestead and kids, he's creating up a storm in his home studio. Patrick holds many pretty amazing titles and I'm certain there isn't much that this guy can't do! He's: a dad, an artist, a writer, an illustrator, a teacher, a gardener, a musician, a handyman... The list goes on!

You can see some of his work HERE and HERE. My personal favourite collection of his is hands down the flowers! So pretty and colourful and would add a pop of colours to any home.

There's this one photo from his session that I think pretty well sums him up and it's one of my favourites. You'll see a little later, I call it the Super-Art Dad! We started off the session with some classic photos of the family, then we continued on with a family paint session. Anything artsy or creative is likely going down in this house at one point or another. After covering canvases with some paint, we got some photos of Patrick and his art, some must-have behind the scenes of him in his element, and then we finished things off with a few romantic photos of Patrick and Steph. All in all, I think we pretty much nailed it!!!

Oh, and how could I almost forget! Not only are they an amazingly creative family, they have not one but TWO baby fainting goats!!! Keep reading for an adorable photo of baby Zeke and Oscar that will surely make you want ALL the goats.

Here it is folks, the SUPER ART-DAD photo!!!!! My fave!!!

Immediately followed by a close second favourite that we took for all his Instagram fans - the cat's fans. I posted some photos on Instagram from a previous family session with Steph and Patrick, and their barn cat was adorably following behind and photobombing. At least TWO cat people friends of mine commented on the photo, fan-girling about the cat and asking if the cat was actually theirs or just some rando cat-bomber. So this one's for his fans! This time he was a slightly less adorable and kinda more feisty and definitely hated being picked up. You can FEEL the fear in Patrick's eyes! Thanks Patrick, you took one for the team!!! I hope your face stopped bleeding!

We decided to sneak in a few photos of just Patrick and Steph who both said "We haven't done photos like this since our wedding! Help!". My response: "No worries friends, I gotchu...." ;) And just like that, they look just as good and in love as the day they got married!

All in all, I gotta admit Steph and Patrick and their kiddos live a pretty impressive life and they definitely leave me feeling more inspired to create more in my everyday life. 

- xo Val