I'm back to doing engagement sessions again and DANG, it feels nice!⁠ The most recent COVID lockdown has finally been lifted, and so I dusted off my camera and was SO STOKED to be hanging out with Caro and Josh at a local tree farm. It was chilly, but SO WORTH IT!

Oh, and spoiler alert, if you keep scrolling, you'll see the most adorable baby cows! After frolicking around in the snow and taking photos, we paid a visit to my friend's dairy farm in Cumberland, and we got to feed the calves! To say Caro was stoked is an understatement!

Also, while we're at it, here are 6 reasons you should be like Caro and Josh and do photos during the winter:⁠

❄️ Colours POP and contrast oh so nicely with a simple, bright and white snowy backdrop⁠

🤗 It gives you a reason to get extra cuddly with a blanket⁠

🌅 There's something about that magical, glowy winter light! ⁠

☕ You have a reason to go for hot chocolate afterward⁠!⁠

💙 Unique photos! Fall and summertime are great, don't get me wrong, but winter is so underrated!⁠

🥰 The SIMPLICITY of if all! Giving you true Scandinavian vibes.⁠

So would you brave the cold for photos?! Cause if you're game, I'M GAME!

So here's the thing. Caro is a cow lover, and so when she found out she was about to FEED BABY COWS.... Well, she was almost in tears! Hahah. But do you blame her? Look into their big beady eyes and I DARE you to try and tell me they aren't adorable!