Hayley and Neil just celebrated their three year anniversary of being together and wanted to celebrate the occasion with a couple's photo session in the Larose forest with their adorable and energetic pup Opie!

This girl and I go way back! We met through working our first jobs as cashiers together, at the one and only Metro, our neighbourhood grocery store. Actually, I'm pretty sure that back then it was known as Loeb. Ah, the nostalgia, it feels like forever ago! We met, and it didn't take long before we became work buddies.

Metro can also take credit for bringing these two lovely people together! Hayley and Neil worked in two different departments, but that didn't stop them. And here we are 3 years later, celebrating their anniversary!

They brought along their pup Opie, who may have stolen the show, on a couple of occasions. Look at that handsome fella! I noticed while editing that the tag on his collar actually says "This is why we can't have nice things" which totally made me laugh as soon as I zoomed in and saw it. As a dog owner myself, I can 100% relate because as much as we love our dogs, they certainly have a tendency of, uhm... Leaving their mark on things!

Oh Opie! Thank you for your generous gifts! :) It's a good thing mom and dad came prepared with poop bags!

Happy 3 year anniversary Hayley and Neil! Here's to many more :)


- xo Val