Kayla and Jamie's engagement session last weekend was definitely off to an interesting start! The forecast on Saturday was looking promising, and then... an hour before their shoot, it started FREEZING RAIN!!! We debated rescheduling the shoot altogether, but then thought: we should just do it anyway!

BOY am I glad we went with it! I hopped into my snow pants and off we went!

Spoiler alert: Let me tell you... Photographing during a white-out blizzard is very interesting both on an actual physical and technical level. When the snowflakes are the size of GOLF BALLS they land in your eyes... and camera lens... and throat! Hahah! Right Kayla?! The snow left my camera and glasses SOAKED by the end of it, and we all walked away looking like we had walked out of a storm in the Arctic!

I'm more of a summer baby, but I am totally OK with shooting in the winter if it means we can get photos like THESE!!!