When Ben messaged me to tell me all about his plans to propose to Chanel, I right away knew that this was going to be SO FUN to pull off!! Without Chanel suspecting a thing, we managed to plan a photo session around Ben proposing! We have done shoots together before, so I used the excuse that I was looking to get portfolio images in a new top secret location, and asked if they would be down to do a shoot with me. Of course, this was part of the plan that Ben and I came up with so that Chanel didn't suspect anything.

Ben and I had agreed on a cue that I would use that would prompt him to get down on one knee. I had them do some of my usual go-to poses, and Ben knew that once I told them to hug, I would walk over and hand him the ring box, behind Chanel's back!!!

And the rest? Pretty self-explanatory!!!!

She said YES!!!!!!!!!!!

The kiddos + grandma soon joined them for a few photos as a family. Of course, we popped some bubbly to celebrate!!

Congrats Chanel and Ben!!!!

  • Xo Val